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EURADA is seeking experts – Intelligent Cities Challenge

EURADA is going to submit a bid for a European Commission tender coordinated by PwC with the cooperation of CARSA to provide support to at least 50 European cities.

The bid will include the CV of the main experts that will provide support. Since the project coordinators (PWC) are gathering two experts per EU country,  EURADA is  contacting SEKES to ask if you are capable to find persons to perform the following duties:

  • Provide advisory services and facilitate the establishment of an ecosystem of all city’s stakeholders
  • Provide advisory services on the design of transformation strategies based on advanced technologies and their implementation
  • Performance monitoring and reporting

The experts should be able to communicate in Finnish or English with the officials of the municipality. The total work is estimated in 60 days and in case the bid is approved we will pay the selected experts 450 EUR/day. The travel and hostel costs will be paid separately. We would be genuinely grateful if we could get your help.

You can find more information in the Call For Tenders in this link, specially pages 12 to 15 (tasks 3.1, 3.2 and 3.4):

In case that you could be interested on taking part on this proposal, please send us your Europass CV (in just two pages), a photograph and a golden paragraph (five sentences describing your main achievements).

Please find attached an example of the Golden paragraph and you can draft your Europass CV in the next link:

Please reply as soon as possible regarding the close deadline, next 2nd October.

Do not hesitate to send this invitation to any other qualified expert that you may consider.

More info and contacts:

Estefanía López,  Project Officer, EURADA 

[email protected]




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